Better late than never!

With only a few short weeks remaining before the event, your favorite team has rallied and is back for another go! For the third straight year, the Scarlet Knight-Herons will be participating in the 28th Annual World Series of Birding! This year we’ve got a new team and entirely new challenges to face. Team captain Brian Clough and last year’s newbie Derek Lovitch won’t be able to make the event this year, so founding members Bill Lynch and David La Puma have recruited Ben Baiser, another alum from the Ecology & Evolution Graduate Program at Rutgers University.

Unlike previous years, where we participated in the state-wide competition, this year we will be staying south of the Cape May Canal. To make things a bit interesting, and to keep in-line with our values and ideals as conservationists, we’ve decided to eliminate motorized vehicles this year and compete entirely on bicycles and by foot.

Once again, we will be raising money for the EcoGSA, the graduate student association which offers E&E students research grants, assistance in attending academic conferences, as well as an outlet to build community and foster awareness for the problems and issues facing us all. If you would like to donate, you can find a PayPal link to the right. You can also contact one of us directly if you’d prefer to mail a check (this also ensures that your full amount will be donated – PayPal skims a bit off the top during the transaction).

Of course we greatly appreciate any financial and/or moral support our friends and family can offer. Please check back here, on our other blogs, and on our Twitter accounts for updates leading up to, possibly during, and certainly after the big day!

Thanks for reading!

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