This is it!

With less than 7 hours until the 2010 World Series of Birding, teams are gathering in their war rooms and going over potential strategies. How many teams will start at the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge? It's been a staple in the past, but new regulations mean teams will have to walk in from the road as opposed to being able to drive in. That may change some game plans and send teams elsewhere.

What about the middle of the day? Our current plan is to head south from Sussex County until we hit Heislerville Wildlife Management Area, but strong migration and impressive reports from migrant traps has us hesitating and considering other options. There can't be any second guessing once we make our decision, though. Every second counts.

Piping Plover, Photo by Bill Lynch (c) 2010

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Thanks for your support, everyone! Wish us luck. We'll have reports and results posted here following the big day. Follow @woodcreeper and @Billtacular on Twitter for updates during and following the event.

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